1. The best investment is the new you. Don’t chase illusory stock market returns. Invest in a new version of yourself for whom your old money won’t matter.
  2. The main goal of any investment — to earn while you sleep.
  3. Put your money where your belief is. Ignore analysts and gurus.
  4. Automate your investment process with your own rules, to avoid emotional decisions. Keeping a journal helps.
  5. 80% of active traders underperform the index, and only 7% consistently earn more. Dead investors outperform everyone in portfolio returns.
  6. No one actually knows what to do with the money. A company that’s massively profitable is a company that’s out of ideas. Same goes for people.
  7. Scarcity Principle: Ask if demand will grow while supply remains the same or even better, decreases.
  8. Garbage, not investments:
    • Promises of returns over 30% annually.
    • Promises of short-term returns (month, week, day, etc.).
    • Futures - first derivative of stocks.
    • Options - second derivative of stocks.
    • Structured notes - essentially expensive advice disguised as complex investments.
    • Forex.
    • Leverage and shorts - broker fee traps.
    • Stop-losses and take-profits - unnecessary actions without clear re-entry points. Sell only if a higher-yielding asset is identified.
    • Analyst advice (including this)
    • Various trading types (technical, news-based, intuitive, algorithmic, psychological). What actually works? Good old insider trading.
  9. Value your peace. If you loan someone $20 and never see them again — that makes it worth 20 dollars.
  10. «Lord, thank You for taking it in money»
  11. Pessimists sound smart. Optimists make money.